The Shattered Challenge

It’s been great hearing everyone’s comments about purchasing More Than This. I feel like a real weight has been lifted now that people are able to hold the CD in their hands; it reminds me why I love what I do.

I’ve posted a challenge on Twitter & it seems like quite a few people are taking me up on it. So here it is, the Shattered Challenge: download Shattered (the last song on the album), plug in your headphones (no, your laptop speakers don’t count), close your eyes, & if the next 5 minutes aren’t worth your $1, then I’ll pay you back. Seriously, email your address to the contact email on this site & I’ll pay you a dollar back (unfortunately I can’t give you your 5 minutes back too).

So far everyone’s gotten their money’s worth, & most have gone on to buy the rest of the album. For those who don’t know of this band or album or song in particular, take the challenge – what have you got to lose. For those who have believed in this album for years, I’d love your help in getting the word out for the Shattered Challenge.

I was made for more than this,

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