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hey guys,

today’s been a big day. Picking up David Cook’s “This Loud Morning” at the record store (yes, they still exist-ish) and listening to the album from top to bottom was a great ending to what has been an 18 month journey. David and i started writing the first week of January 2010 for this album, & 10 songs, 100 ping pong games, and a handful of epiphanies later here we are. 4 of the songs ended up on his album, 1 on the Arrows to Athens album (yes, you will here it soon), & at least 1 more that i feel sure you’ll hear some day. as for the other songs, they weren’t great (hey, they can’t all be winners), but we definitely had a good time writing them. i remember in May 2010 listening to the demo of Circadian (we had written Rapid Eye Movement 2 months earlier & felt like it needed to find it’s other half) & knowing we had made something special. i’m really proud of those songs.

and then hearing Javier Colon sing Stitch by Stitch on The Voice tonight was icing on the cake. i wrote that song with 2 good friends and super talented writers Lindy Robbins & Dave Bassett. the process to get that song to the show tonight was crazy intense, but watching it go from “hey, this song could really work for Javier” to “and now performing his first single” literally in a matter of days was quite a rollercoaster. we got to spend a little bit of time with Javier along the way, but i’m really looking forward to making music with him in the coming weeks & months.

besides that, there’s been a lot happening recently. nothing’s set in stone yet, but i just finished a couple of songs with Brent from Shinedown that were pretty epic, Tristan Prettyman & Steve Miller & i continue to write stuff that makes me hit repeat, Hedley is in the studio now cutting a song that we wrote that we really dig, The Cab is finishing up an album and the guys & Smiller & i snuck one more song in at the end that is dope, and i wrote what i think would be considered my first blues song with a girl named Jayme Dee (and Smiller) the other day – she’s a new artist on Universal Republic that is quite cool and can seriously sing. oh, and there’s a good chance you’ll hear a song i cowrote on Lauren Alaina’s new album. the last few months have been full of too many stories to tell and songs to mention, but i’ve got to write with some great old friends and some amazing new ones as well.

more news soon,

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