trading yesterday was formed in 2003 by a couple of friends making music and dreaming together in a small apartment in Little Rock. by the end of 2004, we had signed a record deal with epic records, moved to los angeles, and recorded more than this. over the course of the next eighteen months, we lost our record deal, the band broke up, and more than this was caught in the red tape of major label contracts.

fast forward five years… now this album is finally being released. so much has happened since we wrote and recorded these songs that it takes a moment to remember who we were when more than this transformed from a dream in our hearts to the piece of art that you now hold. as i listen and think back, i am more proud of this album today than i was that last day in the studio listening to the final mixes—because i have had countless days and months to poke holes in and discount the parts of us that were laid bare on this album and i am still deeply moved by these songs.

if this is the first time or the hundredth time you’re listening to more than this, i hope your experience is the same as mine.

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